Lawn Care, Longwood, Fl. By Grass Envy

Take that Saturday off, go to the movies with your family or maybe have a day at the pool, or even the beach. There is no sense in toiling away in the heat mowing, trimming and mulching when you could be enjoying the day off.

Maybe you’re that business owner that wants reliable service instead of excuses. What if you could have reliable professionals with prices that you’re going to love?

We know you expect your lawn to be done right.

Your home and your business property are a representation of you and we’re proud to be able to offer the best lawn care service in the Orlando area. We have the most competitive prices of any service in Longwood, FL and we’ll stand by our guarantee of top quality service at those prices no matter what.

What You Can Expect From Us

A great lawn care service is hard to find; many services try to pass off quick work for high quality work and they’re just not the same. With us, you’ll see the job done expediently and with a great amount of care. While other companies run over your flowers and seedlings, we’ll make sure to catch every detail of what you want and don’t want done. This attention to detail is what makes us different from other companies in the Longwood area.

Services We Provide

Lawn mowing

Hedge trimming

Tree trimming

Garden weeding

Leaf removal

Debris removal

Tree & shrub removal


Gutter Cleaning

If it has to do with keeping your property beautiful, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call, grab a cool drink and head out to the hammock and enjoy life a bit while we take care of your lawn.